When I was a baby I couldn’t quite pronounce Nicole and managed to call myself Coco instead. From then on, my mother nicknamed me Coco.

I’m just your average and sometimes not-so-average twenty something year old. I work a corporate 9-5 job for a company I love, go to grad school part-time, and teach yoga on the weekends for fun.

But you know what’s really awesome? The company I work for is global which is what brought me to my current city…Shanghai! I landed a neat role here and now I’m living in the New York City of Asia, eating my way through the city one dumpling at a time!

I’m a hiker, a camper, and a mountain lover.  I’m also a sucker for that boujee lifestyle. As awesome as Merrell’s and the awkward Teva tan lines are, your girl also loves her Stuart Weitzman suede boots. My friends describe me as night and day — someone once told me I was the most feminine tomboy she had ever met…I’ll take it!

Lately, I’ve been feeling an urge to share more. So here it goes! Hopefully you’re still reading this and I haven’t put you to sleep yet.