we got a nanny and her name is Pistachio!

Hello friends –

I can’t believe it has been 6 MONTHS since my last blog post! Work, grad school, life stuff has been keeping me busy….so busy that I haven’t had a chance to post! Literally though – there were Saturdays where I spent 12 hours straight sitting in my chair writing my essays…

Since my last post here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Had the most amazing vacation in Bali where I played with monkeys, temple hopped, stayed in an eco-village in the jungle, frolicked through rice paddies and ate numerous helpings of Acai bowls
  • Crushed my Organization Development course toward my HR Master’s Degree…only two more to go until I graduate!
  • Scaled Visited the Great Wall of China and Forbidden City in Beijing where I indulged in Peking duck! nom nom nom
  • Had my first Chick-fil-A experience in Nashville
  • Got ENGAGED!!!!!! Oh yea, I have a FIANCE now and my fi fi and I are planning our destination wedding in…HAWAII!!!!!

Back to the title of this post. Who is Pistachio? Why do I have a nanny? And why is she named after a nut?

Since moving to China, balancing a new job, grad school, developing a new workout regiment and living in a new country across the world hasn’t been the breeziest. My now finance (hehe) and I both were working late hours and for dinner we would either order takeout 3-4x per week which quickly became expensive or I would cook 9pm dinners after my yoga classes which wasn’t going to cut it. It wasn’t sustainable and it was only creating added stress for the both of us. Thus, we embraced our inner Beth Comstock, Renowned Changemaker/Super Hero, and followed her guidance on how to spend our valuable and finite time. Genius Beth segments time spent into three buckets: 1) things you love doing; 2) things you have to do; and 3) things you hate doing /need to outsource and/or automate ASAP to allow more space and time for exploration and learning. In my case, I actually love cooking, but didn’t have the time or energy for it and it was causing STRESS…which is why we chose to outsource all those things and hired an ayi.

Ayi directly translates to “auntie” in Chinese and our ayi’s name is Pistachio. She is basically our nanny/personal chef and we are basically her two grown kids. Having an Ayi in China is very typical for families here and is a luxury that expats like ourselves get to enjoy due to the low cost. The average hourly rate for an ayi ranges from $5-10 per hour depending on English-speaking level. Pistachio comes to our home 4x/ week and helps us with grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning and washing dishes (which I do hate), ironing etc. and boyyy has it freed up SO much time for us! If you’re living in China and/or planning to move here and are looking for a professional agency: http://www.ayi-shanghai.com/

Anyway, since Pistachio has entered our lives life has been grand! It is money well spent and I now have more time to do whatever…. yoga, read, catch up on Big Little Lies, write this blog post…Your mental energy is as important as your physical energy. I recommend doing this little exercise of segmenting your chores and tasks into the three categories I mentioned above and make a change. Maybe it’s outsourcing your laundry. You’ll be surprised by how much of a difference the smallest change in your routine can make to your mood and stress levels. That small change = more time and more time = learning/growth/exploration/planning your next adventure.



2 Replies to “we got a nanny and her name is Pistachio!”

  1. Congratulations again on your engagement! You sure have been super busy! Great job on priorities and I agree! I hate Laundry and so I have a wonderful lady who comes just for my laundry and ironing and starching my sheets etc and I showed her how to do Maria Kondo style organizing and my closets and drawers now look like I have ocd but hey it makes me happy ! I love your Ayi’s name Pistachio:)
    What island are you thinking of in Hawaii? So fun !

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    1. Thanks Natalie!! That’s so great that you do the same, making a small change like that really does make a big difference in happiness in my book! That’s amazing that she does it Kondo style too. Pistachio is the sweetest, we are very lucky to have her help us.
      We are still researching but we are exploring Maui and Kauai as possibilities. Any suggestions??


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