What is Coco Chapters? No, it’s not a chocolate cookbook. It’s another lifestyle blog to add to the other 100 million out there already. Consider this number 101 million! I’m here to share with you my 15 minute recipe hacks like that oh-so hot and gooey cheesy pizza (that’s good for you?!) and tips on how to not be broke in your 20s. That’s actually a thing you know? Not being broke in your 20s.

This blog is geared toward (but not limited to) the millennial generation. So moms, professors, and colleagues it’s okay for you to be reading this too. I cover a slew of fun topics like how to fly in style without looking like you just rolled out of bed to less popular, but VERY important topics like money and budgeting.

Why millennials???

Because these are the most formative years of our lives! The decisions we make now can make a grave impact on our future. We’re at a pivotal point people! It’s not life or death, but I’ve got this amazing chocolate recipe that I’m dying to share with you. I’ve learned a lot in my 20s outside of chocolate and perhaps you’ll read something in here you can carry into your life too.

My motto I’ve always stood by and truly believe is:  you can have it all.





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